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Malaysian Open Source Security Products

Open Kod Sdn.Bhd develop, implement and innovating Open Source product aims to protect company’s data from cyber threat . We offer high level performance of protection, knowledgeable engineers and strong local support to make sure our customers feel secure beyond their expectation.

The emergence of Open Kod hopefully will create awareness and knowledge among Malaysian regarding Open Source. It is in line with our corporate responsibilities which aim to generate knowledge based society and transform Malaysia into a Knowledge economy.

Durio UTM and Garcinia is our product flagship which become solution to protect our client’s privacy nationwide. This product consists of multiple-layer of protection supported by Open Source community and the quality provided is equal with well established company.

History of The Business

Open Kod Sdn Bhd

From humble beginning, we stared our business to reclaim and explore huge opportunity in open source market in Malaysia, Open Kod Sdn.Bhd had grew in providing comprehensive internet securities to businesses successfully for the past few years. Our establishment is in line with The Malaysian Public Sector Open Soft software (OSS) Master plan which aims to generate growth of ICT & OSS industry, to make Open Source user and developer increased and finally knowledge base-society will be achieved.

With accumulated of more than 25 years experience in various IT industries, we brought fresh and innovative approach for internet security. As an expert in this industries, we are serious in focusing on Business Productivity Solution and offer efficiency and increase sustainability, while improving operational performance. The establishment of Open Kod Sdn.Bhd runs parallel with Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) vision to accelerate the objectives of Vision 2020 which aim to transform Malaysia into a knowledge economy (K-economy).

Currently Open Kod Sdn.Bhd provides Business Productivity Solution for Malaysian Market mostly consists of government agencies, campus network, SMEs and more. We emphasizes in providing customer with the most quality IT service starting from consultation until completion. Our personnel are committed to use their professional knowledge through integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in solution and their dedications to customer services are bar none.

Open Kod Sdn.Bhd has marked itself as the first leading provider of Malaysian Internet Security products to the top of the world. The day-to-day determination and commitment of all those who make up our Group will help ensure that we continue to be a reference among world leaders. Malaysia Boleh!.